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Over Spray   How to prevent
First you must train your spray men as well as your over spray spotters.  Which should be all company's employees . Example  When you pull out on to a job site . you should be aware of the way the wind is blowing Flags paper flapping, paper weeds any junk piled along fence line, is a good tell tell sign of which way the wind normally blows watch for birds gliding which direction, Remember the wind can be blowing a different direction up high then below at the base of a tank or tower. Remember different buildings and structures  in a line can change the wind direction and velocity of the wind 
 Causing a tunnel effect or a barrier affect.

   Questions to ponder  
1 How far away are any Cars, & Can they be covered  
2 Is their a flow of traffic down wind,
Remember just because a car is moving  does not mean paint can't stick on one
3  Is their project equipment laying around  Like fork lifts supervisors favorite jacket and hard hat hanging on a nail OPPS..  

Watch the weather report on wind speed direction
  Weather Underground

  Things a true spray man should carry with him to the job  
1 Some small marker flags they use for boundary markers  

A salt shaker with flower in it.
It works great  Hunters use it to stay up wind of elk .They just take it out of their shirt pocket shake a little out  and they know exactly where the wind is going.


Clean Rags- Clean bucket and some cleaner. Pint of paint and lacquer thinner. ( Remember when removing paint from any surface  with thinners
Do a small spot  way in the back  that you cant  see.

This really could happened
 A spray man over spray's  some equipment gages  8 x 8 inches round  The boss told the Forman to see if he could get it off, and SAID to do a little spot for they might have plastic cover.  He said ok. 
Turned to his worker said 
 Hey get some lacquer thinner and wipe off that over spray.

 So here he comes with a  drenches rag  soak with Lacquer thinner and wipes the whole front of the gage off in one swipe
 Right in front of the boss.
 Before  the boss could stop him ! Great Plastic Ruined
 Forman says I forgot to tell him a small spot first.
  Have Meeting with your crews and disuses these things. and when you get the bill for the replacement of the gages,  sit down with your men and show them the invoice and help them to learn and think of the money consequences.
Buy the way their was no replacement covers for those old gages! 
 but the company  enjoyed the new up to date FREE gages.
 Paid for by the painting company.


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