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Chemicals found in Paint Products

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Bad Chemicals and Attitudes

ALUMINUM Sodium lauryl Propylene Glycol ethylene glycol) Eliminator Sodium Lauryl Sulfate International Agency for Research on Cancer "Carcinogenic to humans" (Group 1) Agents and groups of agents

  • Oil-based paint in rusty old paint cans– most homes have a collection of household hazardous waste that cannot be not be thrown in with your trash.
    Yet they put it in the dumpster and to the land fill is goes. Besides that people poor it down the  rain water drain. 
  • Arsenic and arsenic compounds (Note: This evaluation applies to the group of compounds as a whole and not necessarily to all individual compounds within the group)
  • Asbestos Azathioprine Benzene Benzidine
  • Rocket Launches Damage Ozone Layer, Study Says
    National Geographic 
    chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)  methyl bromide -Bad Stuff


    Plumes from rocket launches could be the world’s next worrisome emissions, according to a new study that says solid-fuel rockets damage the ozone layer, allowing more harmful solar rays to reach Earth.

  • Is ECO friendly Paint the answer and every ones first choice

  • The atomic bomb blast that killed at least 39,000 people in Nagasaki contained about 14 pounds of plutonium. Each year, the world’s nuclear power plants produce
      42,000 pounds of the radioactive material.

Deaths from radiation were very common for years after the explosion of Atomic bomb The city government of Hiroshima kept records from 1952 on but it is estimated that from August 1946 to 1952, some 60,000 people died of radiation poisoning - an average of 8,500 a year. Maybe as many as 200,000 people died as a result of 'Little Boy' Atomic Bomb.
Aso created alpha, beta, gamma and neutron rays. Alpha and beta rays were absorbed by the air but gamma and neutron rays did reach the ground and it was these rays that affected the people of Hiroshima. Radiation poisoning killed many people in the city. Nearly all the people who survived the bomb blast but lived within a half-mile of it died within 30 days. People who entered the zone around where the bomb had been most devastating were also exposed to very high levels of radiation if they did so in the first 100 hours after the explosion.

Here is a question?  What kind of paint did they use on the Atomic Bomb

Do you Think ECO Friendly paint was their first choice
 or Lead base epoxy?


Answer The polar cap of the "Fat Man" weapon being sprayed with plastic spray paint in front of Assembly Building Number 2.
Photo from U.S. National Archives, RG 77-BT)
  But was it  ECO Friendly plastic spray paint?

Paint For Plastic Spray  PDF
Don't no if this was the paint brand used
  It's not ECO Friendly WARNING!
This product contains a chemical(s) known by the State of California to cause cancer.



 Search these words in Google
ethylene glycol poison    poison nervous system

  1. Ethylene Glycol Poisoning

So the importance of Eco friendly paint is viewed different
 from different situation  ? will it really matter if we use ECO friendly  paint?

At Great Western painting we think so
We will do our part in using ECO Friendly  paints on your request

See our home page For your commercial and Industrial painting projects

The polar cap of the "Fat Man" weapon being sprayed with plastic spray paint in front of Assembly Building Number 2.
(Photo from U.S. National Archives, RG 77-BT)

This is just the beginning of the list of chemicals to avoid in products you use daily:

1. Cocoamide DEA, diethanolamine, TEA, triethanolamine, MEA

2.  Propylene glycol, propylene oxide, polyethylene glycol

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate

4.  Sodium Fluoride  

5.  Mineral Oil , Petrolatum and Coal Tar

It revealed that some children’s face paints
contains lead, a neurotoxin, as well as nickel, cobalt and chromium, which can cause lifelong skin sensitization and contact dermatitis.


Even more terrifying is that these metals were not listed on the products’ ingredient labels. Some of the products tested even had misleading claims like “hypoallergenic” and “FDA compliant”, making it tough for parents to make an informed decision. Experts

Experts say there is no safe level of lead exposure for children and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that parents avoid using cosmetics on their children that could be contaminated with lead.
Lead may be a contaminant in over 650 products listed in Skin Deep. Lead can be found in a range of cosmetic products including sunscreens, foundation, nail colors, lipsticks and whitening toothpaste. Several ingredients derived from plant sources, such as cottonseed oils and rice derivatives, may contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
Second Nature arterial

  • As of February 10th of this year, penalties go into effect for any retailer or manufacturer knowingly selling toys or any other children's products (including clothing, books and bikes) containing levels of lead or phthalates above government standards -- 600 ppm total for lead and 0.1% of total for phthalates . These cannot be sold, either new or by resale shops, thrift stores, or even garage sales

  • Eco Painting

 Different Stats of Chemcials

National Toxicology Program 11th Report on Carcinogens "Known to be human carcinogens"

  • Aflatoxins
  • Alcoholic beverage consumption
  • 4-Aminobiphenyl
  • Analgesic mixtures containing phenacetin
  • Arsenic compounds, inorganic
  • Asbestos
  • Azathioprine
  • Benzene
  • Benzidine
  • Beryllium and beryllium compounds
  • 1,3-Butadiene
  • 1,4-Butanediol dimethylsulfonate (busulfan, Myleran®)
  • Cadmium and cadmium compounds
  • Chlorambucil
  • 1-(2-Chloroethyl)-3-(4-methylcyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea (MeCCNU)
  • bis(chloromethyl) ether and technical-grade chloromethyl methyl ether
  • Chromium hexavalent compounds
  • Coal tar pitches
  • Coal tars
  • Coke oven emissions
  • Cyclophosphamide
  • Cyclosporin A (Ciclosporin)
  • Diethylstilbestrol (DES)
  • Dyes metabolized to benzidine
  • Environmental tobacco smoke
  • Erionite
  • Estrogens, steroidal
  • Ethylene oxide
  • Hepatitis B virus
  • Hepatitis C virus
  • Human papilloma viruses: some genital-mucosal types
  • Melphalan
  • Methoxsalen with ultraviolet A therapy (PUVA)
  • Mineral oils (untreated and mildly treated)
  • Mustard gas
  • 2-Naphthylamine
  • Neutrons
  • Nickel compounds
  • Oral tobacco products
  • Radon
  • Silica, crystalline (respirable size)
  • Solar radiation
  • Soots
  • Strong inorganic acid mists containing sulfuric acid
  • Sunlamps or sunbeds, exposure to
  • Tamoxifen
  • 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD); "dioxin"
  • Thiotepa
  • Thorium dioxide
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Vinyl chloride
  • Ultraviolet radiation, broad spectrum UV radiation
  • Wood dust
  • X-radiation and gamma radiation
  • MeIQ, MeIQx, and PhIP are heterocyclic amine compounds formed when meats and eggs are cooked or grilled at high temperatures. These compounds are also found in cigarette smoke

    BEIJING — The Beijing plants of US soft drink giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been listed as among the top 12 factories causing major water pollution in China's capital, the city government has announced.


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