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Eco painting


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  1. Toxin Free Paint for Family Health - Green, Environmentally

 Great Western Painting

Commercial  & Industrial Full service painting company

Using paint products that are
 Environmental Friendly

Eco Painting  Green Painting Go Green Eco Painting Eco commercial painting

ECO Commercial Painting

Great Western  premier non toxic commercial and industrial eco friendly painting service. Highly durable interior and exterior paints, stains and finishes.
that are child friendly

A variety of sicknesses from exposure to paints results from inhalation and skin contact both during application and months after the work has been completed, exposing the painters and occupants of the building to known carcinogens and toxic substances. The World Health Organization has recently defined ‘decorating’ as a carcinogenic occupation. Think of this  State law says if you have lead base paint on your existing wood work in older homes and offices  then you don't have to re move it just paint over it Right like a child teething can't bite through a thin layer of eco friendly paint and eat the old lead base paint DA

 Paints are known to be highly toxic and injurious to the health and development of  foetuses, babies,
children and adults exposed to them.

Decorating using non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly paints. Also paper hanging and wall plastering. A high quality finish.

Eco Commercial Painting

No Odor, Low Odor and No VOC

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Mythic paint, premium paints, very low odor paint, zero toxins

Why Go Green Eco Painting is good for you


When toxic paint fumes are inhaled
(be aware that
paint can soak into the skin and cause the same problems as inhaling the vapors),

Asbestos - Do not disturb
Biohazards - No food in unit  What kind of paint did we use in the kitchen?
Carcinogen - Carcinogen - Caution Carcinogen Storage - Carcinogen

 The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics with regard to the toxins found in children’s face paints are downright chilling. 10 out of 10 of the face paint products the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics sent to independent labs for testing contained low levels of the dreaded and extremely damaging neurotoxin lead (there is no safe level of lead exposure for children), and 6 out of 10 of the face paints tested included nickel, cobalt and chromium, all of which may cause lifelong skin sensitization. Scarier still, one of the products was labeled non-toxic and hypoallergenic,

If you would not put it on their faces then why would you paint your room with the wrong paint
Let Great Western Painting provide you with  
Eco painting for your family

 See Chemicals in Paint More Information

1 - 877-749-5554 

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