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Great Western Painting is a Commercial and Industrial painting contractor. providing

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Think about giving your office space, factory area or work place
 hand rails Lockers a completely new look.

Electrostatic Painting

With on-site electrostatic painting, your entire office can be beautiful in your choice of finishes. All without having to replace existing furniture or cover up surfaces. Plus, all the painting could happen overnight , with no interruption to work schedules  Electrostatic painting is an efficient and foolproof process where you can upgrade the appearance of your office or factory area at a fraction of the replacement cost.
 Electrostatic painting of  metal items in finished office spaces without fear of paint overspray on surrounding  surfaces
Electrostatic painting is the premier system for coating metal surfaces on-site with no mess or over spray. More specifically, electrostatic painting is a process of painting that uses negative and positive charge to adhere paint to a metal surface. The electrostatic force is so powerful that it can pull paint around corners, ensuring a smooth, even coat without drip marks. runs & sags.   Electrostatic painting is a thorough painting process that dries in a matter of hours; when we paint your metal or fiberglass structures, they will be completely dry and ready to use the very next day. Almost anything made out of metal or fiberglass can be electrostatically painted, and this process leaves a smooth, even appearance each and every time.
  • Excellent finish quality,corrosion resistance and durability High productivity

  • Cost effectiveness High efficiency Quick response time




Electrostatic Painting Applications

Office Furniture - Store Fronts - Metal Display & Grocery Cases ,School Lockers - Elevator Doors & Frames - Restroom Partitions, Metal Fencing - Window Frames - Doors & Frames - Railings, Lab Desks - Teller Stations - Medical Equipment - Work stations , Light Poles - Wrought Iron - Shelving -  Machinery  Machinery Pipes, Structural Steel

 Electrostatic Painting FILE CABINETS - Electrostatic Painting METAL DESKS, Electrostatic Painting slc utah - BOOKCASES Electrostatic Painting  phoenix Arizona -  LOCKERS Electrostatic Painting  Dallas forth worth Texas- Electrostatic Painting bath room CABINETS,  Electrostatic Painting HANDRAILS Boise  idaho ,  Electrostatic Painting ELEVATOR DOORS san Francisco California , Electrostatic Painting STORE EXTERIOR doors and trim - Electrostatic Painting DOOR AND WINDOW FRAMES  RESTROOM PARTITIONS Electrostatic Painting oklahoma- Electrostatic Painting MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY dallas texas, Electrostatic Painting Tanks Electrostatic Painting Pipes
san diego california

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Electrostatic Painting
MIL SPEC Electrostatic Painting, High Volume Electrostatic Painting, Powder Coating Electrostatic Painting phosphating Electrostatic Painting , Masking Electrostatic Painting,

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