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Tanks  Water towers- Factories - Structural Steel - Silos Towers - Thermal coatings -
 Fire proofing - Sand Blasting


Industrial painting contractor, We paint Chemical plants, High Rises, Offices, Structural Steel , Thermal and  Fire Proof Coatings. on pipes commercial vinyl wall paper on Hotels, Acrylic texture in Hospitals Hotels, Exteriors in Texas . Need fire protection? We are a fire proof painting contractors. Intumescent Painting. Epoxy coatings, Fire Retardant applicator. Cal us today for all your 
commercial & industrial painting projects.

( MSHA Certified )

Tanks Water Towers Tank Farms Industrial Chemical Tanks

Silos - Clarifiers - Structural Steel -
Epoxy's -  Black Tar - polyurethane

Industrial Sand Blasting


Acrylics - Latex -Urethanes- Floor Epoxy chemicals are chemicals paints- Polyurethane - Enamels -Epoxy -Industrial Cleaning -Sand Blasting - Concrete Repair and Painting - Abrasive Blasting - Wet, Dry Vacuum Abrasive Blasting -Abrasive Blast Cleaning - Blaster Floor,Water tower Logos High-Pressure Water Blast - Hydro blasting 5,000 PSI
Steel Plants - Chemical- Manufacturing Plants - Utility Plants - Industrial Gas Facilities-  Industrial Gas Tanks -
Food Processing Plants - Mining Equipment Cranes, Trucks, DC Cats, Industrial Conveys - Storage Tanks & Pipelines -Warehousing Roofing & Siding -Administrative Offices High Rises, - Schools Healthcare Facilities -
Public Facilities / Interior & Exterior- Public Facilities / Interior & Exterior - Light Poles -stadium poles, Oil Platforms